Health and Hygiene

Physical health and hygiene are essential components of living a good and healthy lifestyle. KidsUganda and Maranatha both make the health of students a top priority. Together, the two organization have been able to take care of the physical needs of the students by providing goods and services that would otherwise be completely unavailable to the children.


KidsUganda trip participants have provided oral hygiene training with donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste from local dentists. In partnership with Johnson Diversey, they also provided clean hands training at Kigalama and Nkonya.





In partnership with Water for Our World, KidsUganda constructed a well at Kigalama and rebuilt the well at Nkonya. These wells not only provide water for the Maranatha students, but the communities in which the schools are located as well. 



KidsUganda supporters in Dallas raised funds to build a new kitchen for the Mizigo school. This kitchen has fuel-efficient stoves that consume 60% less firewood, simultaneously proving a safer environment for the cooks and reducing Maranatha's operational expenses. 




The construction of the boys' dormitory created space for the establishment of a Sick Bay, which is now used by all students. The KidsUganda Youth Board's Adventures in Service trip traveled to Uganda will supplies to fill the newly created nurses office. 




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  • 2008 – Constructed a latrine at Kigalama.
  • 2011 – Purchased a used van which enabled transport of children to Kampala for medical treatments.





The Miami of Ohio KidsUganda collegiate chapter raised funds to purchase blankets and mosquito nets for those living in the boys' dormitory.