Beyond the basic needs of shelter and health and hygeine, the most important element of KidsUganda's work is supporting the educational efforts of Maranatha. Education lays the groundwork for a brighter future. Providing education in a safe and loving environment for orphanaged and vulnerable children is the heart and soul of this organization. 


KidsUganda has spearheaded a variety of efforts intended to enhance the education provided to the students of Maranatha. 

  • Collected nursery school supplies to enhance nursery school initiative
  • Funded educational field trips for our sponsored children
  • Installed telephone poles to provide Internet access
  • Launched the Child Sponsorship program to cover expenses for food, staff salaries, school supplies, uniforms, transportation and medical care
  • Provided funding to hire a degreed front desk officer to assist with the Child Sponsorship program
  • Provided support to Andy Stewart for construction of a classroom block at Nkonya
  • Delivered additional laptop computers to equip a computer lab for the Mizigo Primary School
  • Solar Light for Africa installed solar panels at the Nkonya School
  • Launched Smith Scholars Program to provide educational and wellness support for up to 100 children
  • Increased monthly operational support to $13,000
  • Increased financial support to enable teacher and staff salary increase
  • Purchased desks for Boys' Dorm

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