Child Sponorship

The KidsUganda Child Sponsorship Program creates a special opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to sponsor children who are enrolled in Maranatha Schools located in Mityana, Uganda.


Sponsoring a child provides funding for a child’s food, tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, staff salaries, school maintenance, transportation, and medical care.  The sponsors’ support leads to a brighter future for their child and ultimately impacts the entire Maranatha School community.  Updates on the exciting changes occurring in the Maranatha Schools are shared with sponsors through newsletters several times each year. 


Children are eager to hear from their sponsors and have the opportunity to express gratitude for the financial and emotional support, while sponsors look forward to hearing updates about the child’s favorite subjects and preferred activities.  The unique relationship between a child and their sponsor is maintained by writing letters. 


KidsUganda is passionate about our mission because every child is precious.  If you are interested in joining our mission or learning more about the KidsUganda Child Sponsorship program, please contact Anne Drew at